Circuit - single interface

Second generation - single interface board meaning the manual controller is no longer supported.

This generation of interface supports the standard six motor channels, and can also be upgraded to support six input (feedback) sensors by adding IC5 (74LS366) along with the reed-switches was a chargeable extra.

Photographs show Issue 4 boards with a 1981 copyright:

View from Above

View from Below

Also labelled:   C.R. 611
One minor observation to note - the above variant no longer uses IC headers, and some minor changes in the discreet components used.

Single Interface Driver Board Components

R1            1K0
R2            10K
R3 - 8       2K2  RESISTER NETWORK       
R9            1K8
R10          1K8
R11          1K8
R12          15K
R13          10K
R14          18ohm 5w
R15-R20  1K0


C1            100p polystyrene
C2            1.0vf  Tant
C3 - C15   10nf ceramic


IC1                74LS 125
IC2                74LS 125
IC3                74LS   04
IC4                74LS 123
IC5                74LS 366
IC6                74LS 138
IC7 - IC12     74LS 175
IC13 - IC16   ULN2003A
IC17               UA 7805
ZD1                BZX 13v ZENER

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