Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tweet from TNMOC

Daniel Bull kindly pointed out this Tweet yesterday from the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park:

Hopefully this Armdroid 1 complete with original power supply will eventually make it to public display....

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Potton Pi & Pints Social

Just back from the Raspberry Pi piss up social in Potton, Bedfordshire, arranged by Mike & Tim who normally organize the Cambridge Jams.   This social event was informal, held upstairs in their local watering hole - The Rising Sun

As you can see, a few familiar faces in attendance from previous Jams:

Pictured - Ben Nuttel (Raspberry Pi Foundation), Ryan Walmsley (RyanTeck), Nevile Hunt (Seven Segments of Pi), and more....

This is PJ Evans demonstrating the Raspberry Pi enabled Enigma machine which I saw last year at Bletchley Park.  PJ also brought along a newly released FUZE machine featuring a variant of BBC Basic, developed by Gordon Henderson of WiringPi fame, and if you recall, I met Gordon during December's Cam Jam :

John Evans pictured here demonstrating XBMS, and how to receive Live TV on a Raspberry Pi in full High Definition using a USB dongle :

....should be a good picture, the TV transmitter station at Sandy Heath is visible from the window :

I decided not to bring the Armdroid along as I thought it was a bit bulky, but it was nice to hear from a few people who attended my presentation in Peterborough asking how things are currently going....     Well.... the Windows LEARN software is currently in progress, and hopefully will be released soon.

A fantastic afternoon, and another great opportunity to catch up with everybody.