This page will be updated with latest versions of software for different platforms produced throughout this Blog.

All software and libraries are maintained under GIT for ease of change and issue tracking.   The master repository can be found at

All software and firmware is copyright Richard Morris and released under terms of the MIT License (MIT).   See enclosed license agreements for terms & conditions.

Arduino Library

Compatible with Armdroid 1 - Armdroid 1000 / LabVolt 5100 robotic arms.

Installation of the library is as follows:
  1. Visit the Armdroid-Arduino-Library page at
  2. Select the "Download ZIP" button, or simply click this link to download directly.
  3. Uncompress the ZIP file after it's finished downloading.
  4. Rename the resulting folder to "Armdroid" and place it in your Arduino libraries, typically this can be found in your profile directory/Documents folder.  The resulting library should contain .cpp and .h files, plus the examples sub-directory.
  5. Re-start the Arduino IDE if currently running to pickup library changes.

Arduino Serial Driver Example

Launch the Ardunio IDE.  From the File menu, select Sketchbook > Libraries > Armdroid > SerialDriver

Select your board type and serial port from the Tools menu, and try uploading to the board.  If the Armdroid is connected correctly and powered, start the Serial Monitor and you should get the message "Welcome, Armdroid!" displayed.  You can now manually issue commands (see remote control link below).

Windows Tools

Latest stable release:
To install, simply download and uncompress the ZIP package.  Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 which can be downloaded here.

A variant of the original LEARN software, but very much updated with additional features called "Windows LEARN" will be coming soon....  Tutorials will cover installation and configuration.

Raspberry Pi

These are early examples driving the prototype variants from a Raspberry Pi  -  A new Raspberry Pi library package will replace this section soon....

ArmTest_v2.c   An advanced test program demonstrating how to drive multiple motors at the same time.

ArmTest.c  Simple test program for prototype models using on-board stepper drive circuitry.  Requires the WiringPi GPIO interface library

ArmTestDD.c  An example test program for Direct-Drive using half-step stepping sequences.  Start with this version if your circuit is not a prototype model, or you have a prototype model configured as Direct-Drive

NOTE:  ArmTestDD is currently untested and may require extra work - stepping sequence is based on waveforms published in the construction manual.  Should be a good starting point for experimenters.  An example demonstration program written in JAVA.   Requires the Pi4J Library and suitable Java runtime environment (eg. Oracle JDK)

Armdroid Serial Control Protocol

Version 1.0 - Specification for serial remote control protocol