Armdroid Spare Parts / Suppliers

in alphabetical order


- CPC Good for all sorts of sundries - precision lubricants, degreasers and electronic components, and power supplies.
- Davall Gears Stock gears, pulleys and timing belts - will manufacture custom parts, at cost.
- HPC Gears An alternative gear wheel manufacturer/stockist in the UK.
- Model Fixings Stocks a large range of engineering supplies including Drills, Taps, Dies, Nuts, Bolts, and an extensive range of other tools.   I used this supplier to source all the equipment (excluding material) to make the replacement cable clamps.
- TwinLine (USA) Distributors of Kevlar String as used & recommended by myself.  I'm currently using Laser Line (200 LB) which has a three stranded Kevlar 49 construction, and has a much higher tensile strength than what would have been available in the 1980's.
- Westfield Fastners Nuts & Bolts - stocks just about every metric nut, bolt, machine screw, washer used on the Armdroid.


Adafruit Industries (USA) Fantastic products & online electronics tutorials.
Cyntech Components based in Milton Keynes, a very well known & respected vendor in the Raspberry Pi community - see their online store for all Raspberry Pi Products - fantastic customer service, and highly recommended.
- HobbyTronics My favored UK supplier of SparkFun and Adafruit parts.  Brilliant customer services and very quick dispatch times.  Great for Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, accessories and components.
- ModMyPi Supplies an extensive range of cases designed for the Raspberry Pi.  I purchased my GPIO breakouts from these guys.
Pimoroni Shop Manufactures the famous Pibow Raspberry Pi Case and PiGlow boards.  Also a great distributor for Adafruit parts in the United Kingdom.
- Proto-Pic Another very good stockist of Arduino and Pololu, SparkFun and Adafruit parts in the UK.
- Rapid Electronics My all time favorite electronics supplier in the UK.  This could well be the cheapest supplier of Arduino Boards in the UK.
- RS Components I'm pretty convinced this was Colne Robitics supplier for electronic components, and even some of the hardware components.  At one time, the only supplier in the UK stocking Raspberry Pis, and hence where I purchased my device from.
- SparkFun Electronics (USA) Very good for all sorts of things, but can be expensive.
- Winford Engineering (USA) Stock an extensive range of breadboard adaptors and breakout boards.  This is where I purchased my 10-way IDC ribbon cable breakout board.

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This section links to websites showing what other readers are doing:

Mamon posted a video of his Armdroid1 test on YouTube
This Armdroid has a custom built circuit based around a PIC18F microcontroller replacing original circuitry. It's well worth checking out!

Mamon's latest Armdroid video picking up objects, a first step towards building a truly closed-loop control system using a camera as the feedback sensor. I can't wait to see what happens next!

An interesting blog by Rudi Niemeijer from the Netherlands posted this article about an ORT robotic arm from Concorde Robotique which appears to be a re-badged Armdroid 1000.

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