Sunday, 18 August 2013

It Works !!!

This Armdroid has not been powered up for at least 15 years, and I wanted to see what state things are in....

Connected the Armdroid to my Bench Power Supply - unfortunately, I don't have an original power supply, voltage was set around 15v and switched on :

Armdroid connected to bench power supply

Armdroid connected to bench power supply

No smoke,  a promising start...

You can see the arm is still dismembered for re-stringing and repairing mechanical problems.

You'll notice when the motors are ideal, little more than 3Amps is drawn - this actually drops when motors are spun because of the fact they are always energized:

Temporary connection made to the Power Connector terminals :

Armdroid power connection

A discussion on the power connecter can be found at the Society of Robots
I was amazed to find out Maplin actually stocks something useful !

Hand controller connected, cable clamps prevent accidental pulling out - an enhancement made by the University and seems a sensible idea :

Armdroid hand controller connection

And so here we go....

All stepper motors responding to Hand Controller

I put stickies on the motor shafts in this video - makes things easier to see what's happening: