Saturday, 10 August 2013

Quick update...

I thought I'd better touch base and let you know what's happening here...  House redecorating is getting there, but unfortunately we're not finished just yet :(

Earlier this week, received a telephone call from Davall Gears letting me know the pulleys/timing belts have arrived.  I have made arrangements to visit them next week and collect these parts, and as you may recall, I have more pulleys and sprockets to be measured up and ordered.

On the Cable Clamp front, I've finally decided what I'm doing here... I want to keep my Armdroid faithful to the original design, so I will be making replacements for these on the lathe.

Hopefully, this means I can start progressing some of the mechanical problems.  I was also thinking, I should really power up sometime and bench test to see exactly what state the stepper motors and electronics are in!

I have to pop down to the Post Office now to pay a Customs Charge!   That will be my package from SparkFun Electronics in the United States.  The order got a little more expensive because I treated myself to something else....  You'll have to wait for the next blog to find out what that is...