Monday, 15 July 2013

A nice day out...

The weather is so nice here in the United Kingdom at the moment, and as it's my birthday weekend, we decided to take the day off, and go for a drive...  I thought I would surprise my wife by taking her here...

This is Davall Gears ( in Hatfield, Hertfordshire which stocks standard off-the-shelf components and manufactures gear wheels and pulleys - I was hoping these guys would be best placed to help with sorting out replacements for the broken pulleys.   And yes, I really am a true romantic!

After arriving at the reception, we was introduced to Ian.  It must have been a funny sight... This couple turning up with a broken Armdroid in a cardboard box.   Anyway, we had a chat and suggested that we might want come back later after giving him the chance to search the warehouse for suitable parts.   Little did I know how complicated Pulleys and Timing Belts can be!

We decided to head to a local pub in Brookmans Park and have lunch.  Returning two hours later, Ian had sorted out all the parts needed, a few pulleys will need ordering from the USA - this is going to take a couple of weeks.

I think while we wait for these bits to arrive, I'm going to start stripping down the arm, look at what other problems I'm going to be facing.  I'll also start cleaning everything as this arm is covered in roughly 30 years worth of dirt and grease.  I'll do another update later in the week to let you know what's happening.