Monday, 7 October 2013

Motor Assignments

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed an 'oddity' with my stepper motor numbering in previous photographs, and why these did not resemble the suggested assignments in the construction guide....

When starting this project, I simply gave each motor an arbitrary number as parts was bagged up for safe keeping during disassembly.  Later, having discovered my motor connections was in fact following the suggested assignments, I completely forgot to update the labels....

So, avoiding further confusion... at least for myself... here are two photographs showing the official motor numbering and function assignments:

Motor Assignments - Left Side
Gripper (Motor 1), Left Wrist (2), and Elbow (4)
Motor Assignments - Right Side
Right Wrist (3) , Shoulder (5) and finally the obscured Base (6)
I'll be relabeling my hand controller to match, all of this should make things easier to use next time!

Actually, it's a pity the original manual never included a diagram of motor assignments on the arm - I think it would have made visualizing this a hell lot easier !

Tomorrow....  An introduction to the Raspberry Pi's General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) facilities, and we'll discuss Armdroid interfacing.