Saturday, 22 February 2014

Interface Bench Test - Part 4

This morning, I decided instead of using HyperTerminal, or the Ardunio IDE Serial Monitor to interact with the Armdroid, I thought it would be good idea to develop a dedicated Windows application:

This is a fairly simple test application, but it should be good enough for anybody to test their Armdroid from any Windows based PC using Serial/USB connectivity.   I think you'll agree, this is a lot more user-friendly than what was shown in my last update.

You have to select which port your Armdroid is connected too.  Once connected, you can choose the motor channel, and step the motor any number of times:

Feedback from the controller is displayed in the output panel :

The application was developed in Visual Studio 2012 using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Later, I'll be publishing my Armdroid Control Protocol specification Version 1.0, just as soon as I've finished my initial development work.

I'm going to standardize all my development activities around this protocol, and by doing so, we can have IBM PCs talking to Arduino or Raspberry Pi hosted Armdroid controllers, and more....   This platform independence will allow us to support many combinations of hosts/controllers in future.   Hopefully other readers/developers might adopt the same standard, and we'll see more Armdroid applications appear in time.

This can be downloaded from the software section - Windows Tools